Independence is right!

“If independence is normal, then it is an end in itself, and not just a means to an end.” – Robbie Mochrie

Yes! Yes! Yes!

It has been a constant refrain of the righteous radicals who attached themselves to the Yes movement that independence is NOT an end in itself. That it is only worthwhile if it facilitates a particular political or ideological agenda. So it is gratifying to find someone else prepared to challenge this dogma.

But it is not just that independence is normal. Or, rather, the term ‘normal’ should be understood in a non-superficial way when used in this context. Normal is proper. Normal is fitting. Normal is appropriate. Normal is right! Independence is right!

To restore Scotland’s in independence is not merely to restore normality, it is to restore justice. It is to rectify the ancient wrong of the Union – a political union contrived solely to ensure that Scotland would always be subordinate to what was then England and is now England-as-Britain. Such a grotesquely asymmetric political union must be abnormal. It must be anomalous. It must be wrong. Ending such a political union must be right.

If righting wrongs is an end in itself; if rectifying injustice is an end in itself, then ending the wrong of the Union must be an end in itself. Ending such an anti-democratic constitutional arrangement and restoring Scotland’s rightful constitutional status is not worthwhile only if it is done in the service of a particular agenda. It is worthwhile entirely in its own right.

Restoring Scotland’s independence is essential regardless of what happens subsequently. Everything that happens subsequently has to be taken on trust because it cannot be predetermined. We have to restore normality and trust that the people of Scotland are capable of managing at least as well as the people of any other normal nation. There is no rational reason to suppose that we are not.

The Union is wrong. The Union would be wrong even if it benefitted Scotland in some way. Rather obviously, it does not. But no benefit could possibly outweigh the constitutional shackles which deny the people of Scotland the full and proper exercise of our sovereignty. No benefit could justify the injustice of the Union. No benefit could compensate for the cost in terms of democracy and dignity.

Restoring Scotland’s independence is just what normal people would do when faced with the offensive absurdity of the Union.

#UnionNoMore #WhiteRoseRising