Now’s the day…

One o’clock this afternoon is the hour.

Today’s White Rose Rising demonstration at the Scottish Parliament is in many ways a first. It is – or is intended to be – the first such gathering which is entirely focused on the constitutional issue. It is meant to be free of policy agendas, ideologies, partisan loyalties, personal grievances and piggy-backing causes the better to concentrate the minds of our elected representatives on the urgent need for action to rescue Scotland from the scourge of British Nationalism.

It is the first such event which targets its message at the Scottish Government rather than the British political elite. Why talk to Boris Johnson? Why make demands of Westminster? They can’t do what’s required even if they were willing. Suppose they did grant Britannia’s gracious consent for a referendum, does anybody seriously believe they would cooperate with a free and fair exercise of our right of self-determination? No! If Scotland’s independence is to be restored this will be by the actions of Scotland’s Government working through Scotland’s Parliament to facilitate the the right of Scotland’s people to determine Scotland’s constitutional status and Scotland’s preferred form of government.

It is the first demonstration in support of a demand that the SNP/Scottish Government, even at this late hour, rethink its entire approach to the constitutional issue. We are not merely demanding a referendum at an early date we are insisting that it must be the right referendum. A plebiscite that is free, fair and impeccably democratic. A referendum which is entirely made and managed in Scotland. A referendum which produces a clear decision and not merely a result which can be interpreted by the British state in whatever way suits its purposes.

It is a first too in the sense that we are not asking, we’re telling. We’re not politely listening to the soothing reassurances and jam-tomorrow promises of our own political elite. It is our turn to speak! We are not writing any blank cheques for the SNP/Scottish Government in the way that the No vote in 2014 gave the British political elite licence to do with Scotland as it pleased. We are not gathering in numbers which Nicola Sturgeon can then claim as support for whatever she chooses to do. We are gathering only in support of Scotland’s cause. The cause of ending the Union an restoring Scotland’s independence. Nothing else!

Ours is the voice of dissent. It is the voice which says we are not content! We are not content to accept excuses for inaction! We are not content to accept delay which leaves Scotland exposed to the predations of an alien political culture! We are not content that the sovereignty of Scotland’s people be compromised by being traded for the lying promises of the British political elite! We are not content that Scotland’s Parliament remain subordinate to the parliament of England-as-Britain! We are not content that the Scottish Government continue to accept and legitimise the superiority of a parliament parliament with no democratic legitimacy over the Parliament that is actually elected by the people of Scotland! We are not content with the Union!

Let’s see if we can make that voice heard in a way the SNP/Scottish Government cannot ignore as it has for seven long wearying years! Let’s see if we can be the game-changer! Let’s see if we can set Scotland on a new course! A course that will take us to the dissolution of the Union and restoration of Scotland’s independence!

#UnionNoMore #WhiteRoseRising

Please wear face-covering
and try to maintain social distancing.