A show of strength

It is probably stating the obvious to say that the Yes movement desperately needs a show of strength. Our voice must be heard by the politicians in both Holyrood and Westminster. That will only happen if we restore the unity of purpose that originally brought the Yes movement together. This in turn requires that the purpose be clearly defined and stripped of all encumbrances. No egos! No agendas! Just the one common aim – dissolve the Union and restore Scotland’s independence!

White Rose Rising has no purpose other than to be a point around which Yes activists and supporters can come together in a renewed independence campaign. We campaign only for the end of the Union and restoration of Scotland’s rightful constitutional status. We have nothing to say on any matter other than the constitutional issue. We seek only a free, fair and impeccably democratic exercise of the right of self-determination which is inalienably vested in the people of Scotland.

White Rose Rising will entertain no party affiliation.

White Rose Rising will steadfastly defend the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government as essential actors in any process which might deliver and facilitate the exercise of the people’s right to chose how Scotland is governed.

White Rose Rising does not propose to provide leadership of the campaign to secure an outcome to the exercise of our right of self-determination which conclusively favours the dissolution of the Union and the restoration of Scotland’s independence. We will be active in this campaign and will insist on a comprehensive reframing of the constitutional issue and rethink of campaign strategy.

White Rose Rising undertakes to work with all individuals, groups and organisations sharing the aim of ending the Union and restoring Scotland’s independence on the clear understanding that such cooperation may not be taken or represented as endorsement of any personalities or policies.

White Rose Rising is not a party or organisation. It is an idea. The idea that lies at the core of Scotland’s cause. The idea which must unite the entire Yes movement. The idea encapsulated in the simple hashtag #DissolveTheUnion.

The Saltire Strikes Back

The Saltire Strikes Back campaign was conceived as an action which could gain mass participation and be highly visible. Unlike marches and rallies it requires negligible investment of effort, time or money. All we ask it that from the start of COP26 on Sunday 31 October and at least for its duration every independence supporter publicly display a Saltire. Boris Johnson has stated that he wants COP26 branded with the emblem of British nationalism – the Union flag. The Saltire Strikes Back aims to thwart that effort by flooding the nation with Saltires.

The Saltire Strikes Back is also a revolt against the ‘unionjackery’ in supermarkets with goods being plastered with Union flags. It is also a revolt against Britification in general – attempts to eradicate Scotland’s distinctive political culture as for example in the recent listing of the Scottish Parliament under section 129 of the British Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCP 2005 s129).

Everybody can participate. White Rose Rising recognises no factions and acknowledges no tribes. To be part of The Saltire Strikes Back action is to proclaim support for nothing other than Scotland’s cause – the end of the Union and restoration of independence.

It is hoped that this action will bring the Yes movement together in a show of strength which will give politicians pause for thought.

The Saltire Strikes Back
The Saltire Strikes Back