Let Scotland prosper

Well of course “Scottish Tory MPs did not engage with UK over carbon capture funding“! Why would anybody imagine that they might? The only reason for them to do so would have been if they knew the funding was to be put in place. Then they would have been instructed by their bosses in London to make some noise so they could claim credit for ‘winning’ the battle on Scotland’s behalf. In reality they’d have bugger all to do with it. But it’s all about the optics.

The… I almost said ‘failure’ of the Scottish Tory MPs to engage with UK over carbon capture funding, but it wasn’t a failure. It’s just not something they would ever consider doing. Or something they would never consider doing. This is more easily understood when one recognises the fact that in this context ‘Scottish’ is a misnomer. They are not Scottish. They are British. Sure, they’ll don a bit of tartan when it’s politically expedient or electorally necessary. But to be Scottish they’d have to feel an obligation to defend Scotland’s interests. And if they were Scottish they would never knowingly by any act or inaction undermine Scotland’s interests.

Being British means that despite being elected in a constituency in Scotland with a solemn duty to put the nation and people of Scotland first, they admit of no such duty. They used to try and disguise the fact that they put the interests of the British state before all else. Now, they don’t even bother making that effort.

It’s not just Tories. It’s not because they’re Tories that they betray Scotland. It’s because they’re British. The other British parties are EXACTLY the same. Their first loyalty is to the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state. Or to their party. Or to themselves. Or to their ‘clients’. Scotland barely even makes the list.

The British parties seek the election of their candidates for the purpose of betraying Scotland. They will tell you as much. They will be quite open about their intention to defend the Union AT ANY COST. We know by their words and deeds that they will not shirk from doing harm to Scotland wherever and whenever this is considered necessary in defence of the Union. And sometimes just for practice. The CHOICE not to intervene on Scotland’s behalf over carbon capture funding is but one example. Acts of betrayal, big and small, are being perpetrated every day by the British parties in Scotland. Notwithstanding the splashy headline, nothing novel is being REVEALED here. Nothing that is not known or knowable by anyone who allows themselves to be aware.

It’s easier not to be aware. Because if you’re aware you might feel obligated to try and do something about it. And that takes effort. Precious few are prepared to make that effort relative to the numbers being betrayed.

Scotland cannot and shall not prosper while British politicians are permitted to squat in our Parliament or be promoted to positions of influence and power by their masters in London. It’s no use merely unseating a few in an election. That sense of victory is false. It’s the bone thrown to you by a sneering British ruling elite. It’s the appearance of people-power that a managed democracy (or demockracy) requires lest the apathetic and alienated be awakened from their complacent slumbers by the rumble and crash of true democracy being demolished around them.

Scotland shall not prosper until every person sitting in the Scottish Parliament proudly proclaims their only allegiance to be to the people of Scotland who are sovereign; the source of all rightful political authority.

#DissolveTheUnion #WhiteRoseRising