White Rose Rising is the people’s campaign against the Union.

Launched as a Facebook Group on 30 March 2020 White Rose Rising was originally intended to be a pressure group seeking to ensure the SNP signed up to a Manifesto for Independence prior to the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections. That didn’t happen. The result is that we have a Scottish Government with a mandate to postpone action on the constitutional issue indefinitely rather than a Scottish Government committed to specific action on a defined timescale.

No recriminations! It is unfortunate that the opportunity offered by the election was missed. But we don’t have the luxury of time to dwell on past mistakes or obsess about who was to blame. Or who deserves the biggest share of the blame – because there is plenty to go around. We have to deal with the situation before us and not the situation as we would wish it to be. That situation is perilous.

The British Nationalist ‘One Nation’ project is already well advanced and gathering pace with every passing day. should that project succeed, there will never again be an election to Holyrood such as we have know it. As many predicted would happen following a No vote in the 2014 referendum, the British state is seeking to cripple Scotland’s democracy and destroy our distinctive identity as a nation. Either we act to dissolve the Union immediately, or Scotland will be wholly subsumed into the new ‘Great Britain’ being modelled by Boris Johnson and his accomplices.

The people of Scotland have fought for more than three centuries to end the Union with England and restore Scotland’s independence. The fight goes on…

White Rose Rising
The people’s campaign against the Union

The hope is that White Rose Rising will now become a hub for direct action to force the Scottish Government to immediately initiate the process by which Scotland’s independence will be restored.

More details on what we mean by direct action will be published in the next few days. For the moment we will simply note that while direct action may push the envelope of lawfulness, no criminal activity will be sanctioned. There will be no violence. Our campaign is aspirational, not malicious.

Please let your fellow independence activists know about White Rose Rising and be sure to visit us on MeWe, Facebook and Twitter.

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